Increase Recognition through Motivational Speaking

I read a article by Chandler Bolt on becoming a motivational speaker and thought I'd share it. The article list reasons for becoming a motivational speaker but it is more than that. It's another income stream, a way to increase recognition and improve your skills.

There’s a common misconception about professional authors that prevents many people from realizing their dream of going pro. If you think an author’s only job is writing, you’re mistaken. If you want to become a professional author, there’s so much more to the job than jamming away on your computer all day. When you learn how to become a motivational speaker, you’re much better able to build a strong brand as an author. 
Read the rest of Chandler's post and his 8 Reasons Why You Should Become a Motivational Speaker

Week Six: 500 words and counting

My journey, my options 

I can't believe summer is almost over. Back to school season is here and for my family it's the final round for activities.

I love summer, few don't. I especially love warmer months because they are my healthiest. Cold weather means flue, more  lung infections than usual and sinus infections. 

For many though, a new season is an opportunity for change, new beginnings and often a way to mark progress.

I'm half way through editing secrets of a lady. Last week I received great feed back and thankfully my style was not crushed.

I hope to start and finish another short story before September 15. I know, I know some of you can dish that out in a weekend. 

If like you you only have limited time to write, here are a few ways to be productive:

  •  Completing most important activities first
  • Setting time lines
  • Keeping goals visible 
  • Accountability partner (this is powerful. Remember the teacher that nagged about homework until you did it? Kept you accountable right? I don't have one yet but weekly post on this blog come pretty close.
  • Celebrating successes, small or large ( I celebrate each post because it accomplishes two things, kept my goals fresh and motivates me each time I write my progress.)
What changes do you envision for yourself?